Cameroon Hunting Safaris

Cameroon Hunting Safaris Overview

Cameroon is also referred to as “Little Africa” due to its’ diversity of habitat; rain forest, forest glades with savannah and savannah with bush veld. Cameroon, like Central African Republic and Tanzania, is a historically significant hunting destination in Africa and we are lucky enough to have partnered with one of the best operators in Cameroon to offer our clients some of the finest hunting Cameroon can offer.

The area we use is known as Faro East and it mainly consists of savannah with some lightly wooded areas and some dense forest. Hunting in Faro East is famous for one of its most sought after species in any hunters wish list, the Lord Derby Eland. Hunting in Faro East also presents a large variety of antelopes including Roan Antelope), Western Hartebeest Buffon’s Kob, Defassa Waterbuck, Bohor Reedbuck, Harnessed Busbuck, Oribi, and various assorted species of Duikers.

Cameroon Hunting Safaris Information

Hunting in Faro East begins with a drive in a 4×4 from the camps then, once in the bush, tracking on foot. The terrain is fairly flat and the hunting is not very physically demanding. As is true for all of West and Central Africa, the large hunting areas in Cameroon are open territories, not fenced.

West African Savannah Buffalo are found in large numbers in our area and herds of several hundred animals are not uncommon. Lions are hunted but only by tracking, as is the case in all of Western and Central Africa and not with bait as in Eastern Africa. Elephants are also abundant. They do not have long tusks, but hunting them is allowed. Hippos provide yet another hunting opportunity. The neighboring parks and wildlife preserves ensure the continued presence of dense animal populations which migrate freely between the parks, preserves and the hunting areas.

Cameroon Hunting Safaris Season

  • Hunting Season: Mid-December through mid-May.
  • Trophy hunting may take place within the hours of daylight during the hunting season.
  • Hunting is allowed at night with artificial light but only for the following species: Lion, Leopard, Crocodile and Bush pig.
  • Hunting of female, young and/or immature animals is prohibited.
  • All animals are subject to quota availability.
  • Hunting from a vehicle is not permitted, though the vehicle can be used to reach the area from where hunting on foot will take place.
  • Shooting an animal from a vehicle is not permitted; a person actually needs to be 200 yards (183 meters) away from a vehicle to shoot an animal with the exception of hunting Crocodile from a boat.
  • Bow hunting is permitted.

Cameroon Hunting Safaris Accommodation

Our hunting camps are permanent, and your bungalows are comfortable and spacious and well serviced with hot and cold water, a shower and toilet and a large double bed to relax in after a long days hunting. In the early morning and evenings, we offer French-style cuisine which is excellent and offers many opportunities to taste the meat of various types of game you may have hunted previously and prepared with great skill and professionalism by our trained chef and kitchen staff.

Rifles & Calibres

In this section, we would like to offer some useful information on the various rifle calibres that will complement the animals that you plan to pursue on your hunting safari. A basic list of items that we recommend bringing along on your hunting safari is also provided.


This can become a heated debate indeed. The general rule applies in this case where we suggest that you bring the rifle(s) you are most comfortable with. It is important to spend time on the shooting range before your African hunt commences. You will sight-in your rifles prior to commencing the hunt. However, you must be familiar with your rifle.

  • There is no minimum calibre requirement for rifle hunting in Cameroon although we suggest, based on experience, minimum calibres .30-06 and larger for plains game, .375 H&H and larger for Buffalo and Sable, .416 and larger for Elephant and Hippopotamus.
  • Remember the cleaning equipment!

What to Bring on Cameroon Hunting Safaris

Suggestions on equipment and what else to pack for your hunting safari in Africa.


  • Raincoat
  • Odorless sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 20
  • A good hat
  • Three sets of hunting clothes, khaki or camo (NO camo when hunting Cameroon)
  • A thick jacket, as it gets cold during winter evenings
  • Gloves, and possibly a small scarf
  • Two pairs of well-worn and comfortable walking boots with thick socks
  • Personal medication
  • A good camera and enough film/memory sticks
  • Camcorders are welcome and remember battery recharge equipment
  • Rifle and cleaning equipment (no semi-automatic rifles are allowed into the country)
  • Ammunition
  • Binoculars
  • If you are so inclined to keep a diary of your hunting exploits, bring it along
  • If hunting during our summer months (September – April), insect repellent is advised
  • We make use of 220 V electrical power supply so, if necessary, please remember your converter

Lastly, some of the questions which are most frequently asked have been answered on the FAQ page. If any of the information is unclear or if we can provide you with a more detailed explanation, please use the form provided on the contact page to send us your queries.

Cameroon Firearms Permits

  • Temporary Import Permit $600

Cameroon Hunting Permits

  • RAIN FOREST – US$1,750

Traveller’s Health & Immunizations

There are a few medical considerations to take into account when traveling to Sub-Saharan Africa.  Preventative measures against malaria and vaccinations that are recommended to be up to date along with any other medical precautions should first be discussed with your personal physician.

Considerations to take into account before traveling to Southern Africa.

Leopard Rock Outfitters is not able to provide you with professional medical advice. We suggest that you consult your personal physician or contact a doctor in your country who is able to offer medical advice and who can prescribe any medication should they deem it necessary. 

We do, however, recommend that you take the following into consideration:


This is a Malaria area. Please take precautions. Malaria prophylactic medication is highly recommended and should be considered as mandatory. Insect repellent is strongly advisable during the warmer months. A Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is compulsory.

We do not recommend child observers younger than six years to travel to any malaria area.


Dust and pollen encountered in the various hunting areas may aggravate any allergies you might have. It is recommended that you consult your physician regarding precautions which can be taken in this regard. Although allergies can be triggered all year round, it is important to note that the advent of spring (September) is especially known as “allergy season”, due to the high occurrence of flowering plants. Remember to communicate any food allergies so that the hunting camp’s staff are duly prepared.


If you plan to arrive with prescription medication, we suggest that bring along your prescription as well as the original boxes/containers in which you received your medication. Mozambique is generally less strict regarding controlled medications, but it’s nevertheless prudent to arrive prepared.


Cameroon does not have superb medical facilities and obtaining medical evacuation insurance such as “Global Rescue” is highly recommended, with the option to evacuate to South Africa or your home country. 

South Africa has world-class medical facilities and doctors who are, in some cases, regarded to be amongst the leaders in their field globally. Leopard Rock Outfitters does not, however, offer medical or travel insurance. Ensure that this is arranged prior to your travels in the unlikely event of a medical emergency.

Terms and Conditions

All safaris booked are based on the following terms and conditions: (Please see the Safari Price List and Contract for the detailed Terms and Conditions)

Preparation of Trophies

Skinning of trophies and field preparation is included in our services, however all dipping, collecting, taxidermy work and shipping of trophies are not included.


A gratuity is a gift of appreciation for services provided. They can be given to staff members at the hunter’s own discretion. We can provide a proposed gratuity list as guideline should it be required.

Booking and Payment

Bookings are confirmed on receipt of the signed safari contract and 50% of the total daily rate. The balance due (which consists of the balances of the daily rate, trophy fees of reserved animals and all extras) is payable 90 days prior to the commencement of the safari. Trophy fees of any animals killed/wounded and any additional expenses incurred during the trip, are payable at the conclusion of the safari and can be paid in cash in camp (US dollar notes, clean and unmarked and not older than 2009 series only) or by electronic bank transfer. Any unused credits will be refunded within 30 days of the safari end date. Any other payment arrangement must be authorised in writing.

Cancellation Policy

There will be no refund of any deposit paid within six (6) months prior to the 1st of March of the year the hunt is to take place in. If cancelled longer than 6 months prior to this date, 50% of the deposit will be refunded.

Policy on Lion and Leopard Hunts

It is hereby agreed that any leopard or lion shot, regardless of its age, without the consent of the professional hunter accrues an immediate fine of US$ 30,000.00 and $US 50,000.00 respectively. The hunt will not continue until payment has been received.


It must be noted that hunting is a dangerous vocation and although Leopard Rock Outfitters are committed to your safety, comfort and enjoyment, we cannot be held responsible for any accidents, illness or death that may occur whilst on the safari.

What’s Included

  • Meet & Greet at Garoua, Ngoundere or Forest camp.
  • Custom clearance in the above airports. 
  • Transfer to the hunting zone and return trip to above airport 
  • Full board including house wine and drinks in camp.
  • Water clean,& safe in savannah area. 
  • PH and trackers.
  • The use of additional fly camps and equipment.
  • 4 x 4 vehicles during the safari.
  • Staff’s services 
  • Special dietary requirements will be catered for as far as possible. (Please inform us before booking)
  • Daily laundry in camp

What’s Excluded

  • Return Airline ticket from home country to above airports. 
  • Visa 
  • Weapon import permit. 
  • Hunting permit (BIG GAME/SAVANNAH– US$1,750 / RAIN FOREST – US$1,750)
  • Mineral water US$4 per bottle. 
  • Additional transfer outside of normal schedule US$400 SAVANNAH. 
  • Additional transfer outside of normal schedule (P.O.R) RAIN FOREST. 
  • Meet and greet, custom clearance in Douala or Yaoundé.
  • Hotels, transfers, and additional expenses outside of the designated safari dates. 
  • Personal expenses and tips 
  • Insurances for cancelation, travel (including repatriation for health reasons, rifles and luggage). 
  • Trophy fees
  • Community village tax (15% on all Trophy fees)
  • Dip & Pack and shipment to Paris (US$4000 per hunting permit.) SAVANNAH & RAIN FOREST includes ( certificates of origin, veterinary certificate, CITES papers for exportation, custom clearing expenses by freight).
  • Add US$250 per full mount skin or back skin with cape (Group A). 
  • Elephant, fees must be added, 
    • US$1,750 – Tusks (pair) 
    • US$3,000 – Skull. 
    • US$900 – Foot. 
  • Hippo, fees must be added,
    • US$ 1,750 – Skull.

Trophy Fees


Trophy Fee US$


Bongo **


Bohor Reedbuck *


Dwarf Buffalo **


Western Buffalo *


Elephant *


Forest Sitatunga **


Giant Forest Hog **


Hippo *


Lord Derby Eland *


Lion *


Waterbuck *


Western Bushbuck *


Western Roan *



Civet *


Oribi *


Red River Hog * & **


Warthog *


Western Hartebeest *


Western Kob *


Yellow Backed Duiker **



Baboon *


Bates Pygmy Antelope **


Bay Duiker


Black Fronted Duiker **


Blue Duiker **


Ogilby’s Duiker


Peter’s Duiker


* – Savannah Hunting area

** – Forest Hunting Area

Cameroon Hunting Packages

BIG GAME I (1x1)

$35,00014 Days


$23,00014 Days


$20,00012 Days


$35,00012 Days


$25,00012 Days


$15,0008 Days


$12,5008 Days


Only one of each species can be shot during the safari

Female and young are forbidden to be hunted (A double fee will be charged) , a wounded animal not found is considered shot and the trophy fee will be charged accordingly. 

Hunting permit, Trophy fee, Dip and Pack and Shipment are paid before the safari in euro, (see next page terms of payment). 

A Big game hunting permit in Cameroon allows 2 x Group A and 4 x Group B for one hunter in one season. 

Any and all Government fees are subject to change without notice and the outfitter cannot be held responsible for any such change.