Why Book Your Safari with Leopard Rock Outfitters?

  • On safari with Leopard Rock Outfitters in Wildest Africa still extends some of the best that Africa has to offer to our clientele, and our first-class safari operation has a flawless reputation and passion of presenting unsurpassed safaris. Whether you are interested in the likes of hunting the infamous “Big Five” or merely a less strenuous but no less exciting plains game or management package safari, to get you into hunting Africa, our services cater for every need, no safari is either too big or small.
  • Leopard Rock Outfitters is a family operated outfit with dynamic and experienced professional hunters and staff and our authentic traditional era hospitality is unsurpassed from comfortable tented accommodation to exceptional meals cooked fresh daily in your camp.
  • As we are humbled every day by the perfection of God’s creation that is Africa, her nature is nothing short of magical, we offer you, our esteemed clientele, a true “Golden Era” safari, when the hunters of legend and days gone by walked these hallowed grounds, with nothing more than a canvas tent and a rifle over their shoulder. Our primary aim is to provide you with a memorable African hunting safari reminiscent of those days of old encompassing the dream, the thrill of adventure, the spectacular sunsets, the awakening to the sounds of Africa as she stirs, the overall quality and hospitality of the people and above all the memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Based throughout various concessions spanning Africa, we specialise in dedicated hunting safaris both rifle and bow to photographic and fishing. Our ability to offer rich history and diverse topography at every turn is nothing short of inspiring and you can almost paint yourself as one of those famous pioneers.
  • Travelling out of our various base camp’s through our concessions is always an exciting experience, the thought of cutting a spoor or seeing a lone bull or bachelor herd is always in the forefront of the mind. All the wildlife is truly wild and the animals naturally occur, we will try our level best to provide you with only the best possible trophies in these prime hunting concessions.
  • We abide by “Free Range” and “Fair Chase” hunting and species are hunted traditionally on foot as it was done in the then “Golden Era” of safaris.
  • We aim to provide an experience that lures you back to Africa time and time again. At Leopard Rock Outfitters we are dedicated to making your African Safari the memory of a lifetime. We strive to exceed every client’s greatest expectations so that you will return home already planning your next safari with us.
  • Genuine hospitality awaits you from the moment your journey with us begins.
  • We would like to present you with the option of renting a piece of authentic hunting safari history, all sourced in the Great Grand Father of the Hunting Safari, Kenya. With our carefully selected variety of firearms at your disposal, no matter how large or small the game we have you covered for every eventuality that may occur.
  • Conservation in our hunting concessions and selective harvesting is our priority.
  • “Responsible hunting for sustainability and livelihoods of both wildlife and community.”

The Team

Communities benefiting from our hunting operations.

It is no secret that in order for wildlife to survive in todays modern environment it must have a commercial value and a want of the local population or community to protected their natural asset.

Hunting in the past few years has been coming under increasing pressure from anti-hunting organisations and lobbyists who care not to listen to the voices of both the communities that live daily with the wildlife populations or the men and women of the safari industry who invest so heavily in the survival of that wildlife.

We at Leopard Rock Outfitters believe that the protection to that wildlife comes from helping those communities that live with or near wildlife to ensure and see that the wildlife has a value and is an asset for them.

We are very fortunate to have access to some of the only true and authentic free range hunting across Africa. For us It is very important that the quality of hunting and the overall experience improves year in – year out and that the numbers of game within these areas continue to increase exponentially with good wildlife management.

With this in mind, there has to be a vested interest for the communities and people surrounding these areas.

Feeding the Community

A product of our clientele’s hunt is meat and protein production, a rare commodity in rural Africa. Leopard Rock Outfitters has engaged in an inclusive arrangement and relationship with the communities in our areas. A portion of all meat from any animals harvested is donated to the local community.

We also invest heavily from “hunters dollars” into the construction of schools, water and irrigation projects and other small agricultural projects along with a dedicated anti poaching teams that we draw the man power from the men of the local communities.

All these community projects are not possible without you the hunter. For those that have contributed to a number of these noble cause’s we would like to thank you. It is efforts like these that really make a marked difference that ultimately will save Africa, our sport and most importantly Africas wildlife.

Hunters are Africa’s most viable conservationists.


Based in Bulawayo, our time-honored team of master taxidermists are passionate about offering you the highest quality of work. With over 35 years of inherited wildlife artistry, we pride ourselves on creatively reproducing true- to- life game, bird and fish trophies that capture those special hunting adventures for years to come. Practicing state-of-the-art preservation techniques and form sculpting, combined with the experience and knowledge of two generations of African safari enthusiasts…we’ve got it down to a fine art.



Our exclusive approach allows us to offer everything you need under one roof and if we can’t then we’ll be sure to find a way to do it, it’s how we work.  With a combined staff experience of over 100 years we’re the obvious choice for hunters visiting Southern Africa. If you want to deal with delightful client liaison ladies, master taxidermists, the most efficient freighters and an incredibly dynamic and caring team, you have come to the right place.
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