Safaris in Wildest Africa

Everything in Africa Bites. But the Safari Bug Is Worst of All

– Brian Jackman

Whether you are interested in hunting a member of the ‘Big Five’ or the plains game of Africa, a safari in Cameroon, Mozambique or Zimbabwe is sure to be a thrilling experience. We offer environmentally sensitive custom-made and ready-made safari packages.

Welcome to Leopard Rock Outfitters.

Leopard Rock Outfitters has established a legacy of being challenging and adventurous. We wish to keep this legacy and extend it with the rich traditional African Hunting Flair. On our safaris, we offer you hunting grounds where nature feels unexplored, unvisited, akin to walking the tracks of the famous hunters before us such as Selous, Selby and Finch-Hatton to name but a few.

Our many repeat clients are a testament to our commitment to service and quality. We believe that our superior equipment, professional hunters and well-managed concessions in Cameroon, Mozambique or Zimbabwe combine to offer you a hunt that is outstanding and successful. We passionately believe that tailored safaris are made special by the people involved, the unique locations of the hunting areas, and the intimate and personal nature of each and every trip – it is with this ethos that we plan seamless safaris for discerning clients wanting something out of this world.

Our safaris will provide you with a taste of hunting the elusive and unpredictable dangerous big game. The thrill and excitement you get from the hunt only fuel your desire to do it again and again.

We welcome you to join us on an adventure of a lifetime

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